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Caffeine Level: Medium - High

Aged Oolong - 2005 Taiwan

Aged Oolong - 2005 Taiwan

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Aged Oolong - 2005 Taiwan Information

Water Temperature:
Brewing Time:
1-1.5 minutes, yields multiple infusions
Oolong tea

Aged Oolong teas are exceptionally rich in antioxidant polyphenols and have a lower caffeine content than regular tea. The natural aging process takes at least three years, while the tea loses its fresh look and flavor. After this, the color of the leaf starts to turn from green to brown and the maturing, or aging, process is underway.

Aged tea experts suggest six to eight years as an ideal minimum for aged oolong tea to be mature. Of course, if the tea continues to be stored properly, it will further mature and improve with age. Fifteen to twenty-year-old aged oolongs are best. Bruce Richardson enjoyed a 65-year-old aged oolong with a collector in Taiwan (pictured).

Most oolongs being prepared for storage are roasted to a degree initially to determine the acceptable moisture content level to start the storing process. The stored tea is then usually taken out and inspected every two to three years and carefully re-roasted to remove excess moisture and retain flavors. Storage is in large earthenware or stone containers.

Aged Oolongs have a unique and complex taste, which is often exceptionally smooth, mellow, and pleasantly sweet – not as rich or earthy as many pu-erh teas. 

Customer Reviews

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2005 Oolong, Taiwan

Earthy, mossy, damp...this tea is like drinking a rainforest. Buyers should note that it does not brew to the bright, burnt orange color above (similar to the Nilgiri Frost Oolong) but to a dark clay color. This tea hits you over the head with its musty flavor, with a scent to match. It's tea for the scotch-lover. The cup mellows to a creamier texture as it sits, but never loses the mustiness. There is some complexity present, yet I would not go so far as to claim it to be challenging.