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Ali Shan Jin Xuan Oolong - Taiwan

Ali Shan Jin Xuan Oolong - Taiwan

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This is one of Taiwan's finest and best-known teas grown at the highest altitude and misty slopes of Ali Shan Mountain in Chiayi. This tea is formed into beautiful, twisted, dense pellets. They yield a pale liquor that is yellow-green n color.

The aroma is intensely sweet and slightly roasted, while its flavor is full and creamy with distinct green notes.

Jin Xuan Oolong was discovered in 1981 by "the father of Taiwan tea” Dr. Zhen Zhe Wu, former president of TRES (Tea Research and Extension Station). It took 21 years of research and development to perfect this tea varietal. It was a big part of “re-creating the tea market” in the 1980s. Jin Xuan Oolong tea has become one of the main tea strains in Taiwan.

This tea yields many steepings. 

Ingredients: Premium oolong tea
Origin: Taiwan, Rui Fong, Jia Yi County
Caffeine Level: Low - Medium
Brewing Time: 2 minutes. Yields multiple infusions.
Water Temperature: 190 - 200°F
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