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Assam BOP CTC Organic

Assam BOP CTC Organic

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This fast-steeping organic tea from the Dinjoye Gardens in the Assam region of India is known around the world for its full-bodied flavor that combines well with milk. This grade is found in a host of English and Irish morning blends. Think of it as comfort food!

CTC stands for Cut-Tear-Curl, a process invented by the English when they established many of the gardens in India and Sri Lanka. The tea leaves are put through a Rotorvane machine (see Bruce Richardson's photo), which eviscerates the leaves. This makes a finished tea which is concentrated into tiny pellets. This ensures a fast steep and a bold cup of tea that is filled with tannins that love to bind with milk.

Ingredients: Premium organic black tea
Origin: India
Caffeine Level: High
Brewing Time: 3-4 Minutes
Water Temperature: 212°F
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