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Berry Good Caffeine-free Fruit Infusion

Berry Good Caffeine-free Fruit Infusion

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If you're a fan of our popular Blueberry Fruit Infusion, you will want to add this new fruit blend to your tea cabinet!

Fruit teas are a healthy way to quench your thirst throughout the day without the stimulating effects of caffeine. Our new berry blend is an aromatic combination of apples, raspberry, strawberry, redfruit, and hibiscus that brews to a naturally sweet red cup. These big fruit flavors are complemented by calming herbs to make it the ideal drink for any time of day.

This is a "forgiving tea" which won't over-steep if you forget to decant it. Try it over ice with sparkling water to make a refreshing spritzer.


Ingredients: Apple, Hibiscus, Black Chokeberry, Raspberry, Chamomile, Strawberry, Organic Raspberry Flavor
Origin: Germany
Caffeine Level: None
Brewing Time: 4 - 7 minutes
Water Temperature: 212°F
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