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Boston Tea Party 250 Anniversary Tea

Boston Tea Party 250 Anniversary Tea

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On the eve of the American Revolution, colonists turned to their orchards and gardens in search of ingredients that might extend the life of their precious Chinese teas. One popular fruit was the peach, first planted by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello in 1768.

This flavor-filled blend makes a tea that can be served hot or cold. It's especially refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. The aroma will make you think you are relaxing in Jefferson's orchard. This colorful concoction also includes blackberry leaves, calendula, and sunflower petals.

The 250th celebration of the Boston Tea Party will take place on December 16, 2023, in Boston. Elmwood Inn Fine Teas was commissioned to design this historic tea.

Ingredients: Premium black tea, dried peaches, blackberry leaves, sunflower petals, marigold petals.
Origin: Sri Lanka
Caffeine Level: Medium
Brewing Time: 4 - 5 Minutes
Water Temperature: 212°F
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