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Caramel Pu-erh Probiotic Tea - Pyramid Sachets

Caramel Pu-erh Probiotic Tea - Pyramid Sachets

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Pu-erh tea from China's Yunnan Province has been touted in Chinese Medicine for centuries to aid digestion and promote a healthy gut biome. Because it is a natural probiotic beverage, this oxidized and fermented tea is often served at the end of a meal in China.

The World Health Organization defines probiotics as “live microorganisms, which, when consumed in adequate amounts as part of food, confer a health benefit on the host.”

This three-year-old Pu-erh is full-flavored with added caramel and toffee notes. Our biodegradable pyramid sachets steep an aromatic cup of tea with a hint of earthiness and a long, sweet finish.

Available only in pyramid sachets.

Ingredients: Pu-erh tea (aged three years), organic toffee flavor
Origin: Yunnan, China
Caffeine Level: Medium
Brewing Time: 3-4 Minutes
Water Temperature: 210
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