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Classic Black Tea Sampler Set

Classic Black Tea Sampler Set

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Tea Maestro Bruce Richardson has selected five outstanding teas for our Classic Black Tea Sampler Set:

Darjeeling 1st Flush - This exquisite tea is filled with lots of bright, green notes with a lingering muscatel finish only found in Darjeeling. This Fair Trade Organic tea from the Selimbong Garden is a perfect accompaniment to a sophisticated afternoon tea or for your own private teatime. (1 oz.)

Assam Tippy - This exceptional single-estate tea from India’s Assam region steeps to a deep rich liquor. This tea is loaded with beautiful golden tips which make it one of the most mellow Assam teas you will ever experience! Our staff takes this tea home by the pound. (1 oz.)

Ceylon New Vithanakande - This award-winning single estate tea from Sri Lanka yields a rich, yet mellow cup. Notice how tippy this beautiful leaf appears! (1 oz.)

Golden Yunnan - From the Yunnan region of China, this beautifully crafted downy soft black tea produces a luscious taste with a bit lingering sweetness. The curly golden leaves and buds give this tea its unique name. (1 oz.)

Kenya Safari - While most black teas go through a grading process at the end of production in order to separate the leaves by size, this tea comes straight from the mouth of the tea dryer. Big leaves, little leaves, and all the bits in between can be seen here. It makes for an interesting cup of tea that will tantalize your palate as different notes appear on your tongue. (1 oz.)

T-sac #1 infuser bags - 20 convenient one-use bags perfect for cups and mugs that let your tea expand while the leaves rehydrate, allowing for better water circulation as the full flavor of the tea is released into the liquor.
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