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Darjeeling First Flush | Soom Organic Garden | TGFOP-1

Darjeeling First Flush | Soom Organic Garden | TGFOP-1

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Founded in the 1860s, the name "Soom" derives from the local Lepcha language and means triangular due to the shape of the garden, bordered by the Little Rangeet river in the Higher Himalayas, located near the town of Darjeeling.

The plucking fields of Soom are about 5200 feet above sea level, and the terrain is very severe, with some of the slopes approaching 45 degrees. The slopes are so steep that the estate still carries the green leaf to the factory by mountain pony. Many of the bushes are over 130 years old but produce remarkable tea. 

The factory burned to the ground in 1995 and was out of production for 1 1/2 years. The new factory has all modern equipment, which now produces some of Darjeeling's best teas. The estate not only employs 700 people but also provides housing, food, and medical needs for the families resulting in about 2000 people living on the estate with a panoramic view of the Himalayan Mountains.

Bruce Richardson suggests steeping first harvest teas from this region at 200°F (off-boil) for 3 minutes; then try second steeping.

A tea can only be called by the trademarked name Darjeeling if it comes from one of 86 gardens in this mountainous area of India that looks toward Mt. Everest. 

This Organic and Ethical Trade Partnership tea will stay fresh for a year if kept in a tight container. 

Ingredients: Premium black tea
Origin: India
Caffeine Level: Medium
Brewing Time: 3 minutes
Water Temperature: 200°F
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