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Farmer's Market Caffeine-free Infusion

Farmer's Market Caffeine-free Infusion

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What a healthy and satisfying cup of tea!

Composed entirely of apple, rosehip, hibiscus, tomato pieces, cucumber, lemon, lime, orange slices, and organic natural flavors. This colorful blend has a delightful and enticing aroma. Plus, this blend is naturally caffeine-free because it's made up of fruit and no tea leaves.

Also delicious when served over ice or as a mixer for a herbaceous Gin & Tonic.

Ingredients: Apple, rosehip, hibiscus, cucumber, lemon, lime, orange slices, tomato, organic flavors.
Origin: North America, Spain
Caffeine Level: None
Brewing Time: 3 - 7 minutes
Water Temperature: 212°F
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