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Great Mississippi Black Magnolia

Great Mississippi Black Magnolia

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Bruce Richardson travels the world to find unique tea gardens and passionate growers. He first became aware of The Great Mississippi Tea Company in 2015 when he judged the TEAS OF THE UNITED STATES AWARDS on the Big Island of Hawaii. The garden's initial harvest won First Place in the non-commercial category.

Jason McDonald and Timothy Gipson began their farming adventure in 2012 in Brookhaven, Mississippi. They turned to Nigel Melican, the Johnny Appleseed of the tea industry, as their guide to establishing their fields and nursery. In 2020, the garden produced 500 pounds of finished tea - not a great amount of product to show for their hard work. This year's production will be just a bit more.

Bruce Richardson's tasting notes  -

This tea reminds me of similar small-batch teas grown in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia (the country). The long, twisted leaves steep to a medium-dark cup. The first aroma note was cinnamon toast; followed by ripe peaches. The liquor is the color of sandy red clay with a vibrant sparkle. The velvet-smooth mouthfeel is unique to small-batch teas like this.

The tasting brings impressions of peaches, apricots, and a lingering hint of molasses. I like the sweetness (not sugar) of Black Magnolia. Best of all, the finish is long, which means I'm still thinking of this tea when the cup is empty.

One packet will make 15 cups of tea - or more if you infuse with a second dose of boiling water.

Ingredients: Premium black tea
Origin: Brookhaven, Mississippi
Caffeine Level: Medium - High
Brewing Time: 4 minutes. Can steep a second time.
Water Temperature: 200°F
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