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Great Teas Series of 5 Online Videos - Save $100

Great Teas Series of 5 Online Videos - Save $100

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Great Teas Series of 5 Online Videos - Save $100 Information

Tea Maestro Bruce Richardson presents five class videos from his popular FIVE GREAT TEAS series featuring five classic teas from China, Japan, India, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka. Bruce will share his favorite tea gardens and tea factories as he introduces the growers he has met while producing stories for TeaTime magazine and his tea reference book with co-author Jane Pettigrew, THE NEW TEA COMPANION: THIRD EDITION.


Plus, Bruce shares the best ways to steep and enjoy classic teas like a pro.


5 Great Teas of China

 5 Great Teas of Japan

 5 Great Teas of Taiwan

 5 Great Teas of Sri Lanka

 5 Great Teas of India 


Save when you order this series which totals 7.5 hours of valuable tea knowledge!

Optional tasting kits are available at 5 Tasting Kits Offer - Save when you buy all 5 kits. You may buy individual kits priced at $32.95

This video series was produced in 2023.  A video link will be sent shortly after purchase.

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