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Iced Tea Sampler Set

Iced Tea Sampler Set

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Tea Maestro Bruce Richardson selected every tea in this sampler set for its unique flavor when brewed over ice. Add a bit of simple syrup or honey to make the perfect drink for a warm day.

Iced Tea - Tired of drinking weak blends of cheap Argentine black teas that make up most iced tea blends found in America? This rich blend from the Nilgiri region of India makes a great iced tea, and it will not cloud. (.75 oz.)

Apricot - You'll appreciate the taste of real hand-picked Sri Lankan black tea blended with dried apricot, dried papaya, peach, blackberry and lime leaves, calendula, and sunflower petals. (.75 oz.)

Mango Black - We've added dried mango pieces to hand-picked Sri Lankan tea to make a beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold. (.75 oz.)

Moroccan Mint - We've enhanced a traditional gunpowder green tea with the refreshingly cool flavor of mint. Serve cold or hot. Add a bit of honey if you wish. (.75 oz.)

Tropical Black - This delicious Nilgiri black tea has been combined with South Sea fruit flavors to make our most popular flavored iced tea. (.75 oz.)

T-sac #1 infuser bags - 20 convenient one-use bags perfect for cups and mugs that allow your tea to expand while the leaves rehydrate, allowing for better water circulation as the full flavor of the tea is released into the liquor.

Continue your tea education with The New Tea Companion by Bruce Richardson and Jane Pettigrew.

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