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Loose Tea Brewer - 16oz

Loose Tea Brewer - 16oz

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Loose Tea Brewer - 16oz Information

Built with the Tea Enthusiast in mind.

Inside this box is the unique tea maker built with the revolutionary idea, patented Amazing Shut-Off System. This brewer will only dispense when it is placed on top of a cup. Lift up and it stops! This system creats the easiest way to brew an incredibly aromatic brew without leaves in your cup.

This brewer follows a direct immersion brewing method and produces a perfectly timed cup of tea every time, easily and effortlessly. Every cup of tea is also perfectly brewed, extracting all flavors and aromas from the tea leaves, leaving you with only the perfect cup of tea.

Easy to use and easy to clean, this brewer will become a favorite instantly.

Made with BPA free plastics and complies with FDA standards and regulations.

Includes a coaster and scoop for your convenience.

How to use our tea maker:

  1. Simply measure out your tea leaves and place into the tea maker
  2. Pour your hot water over the leaves (temperature varies depending on the type of tea)
  3. Set a timer for recommended steeping time
  4. Place your tea maker on top of your cup and your tea will flow into it.