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Meet the Tea Families Sampler Set

Meet the Tea Families Sampler Set

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Meet the Tea Families Sampler Set Information

Tea Maestro Bruce Richardson has designed this Sampler Set to introduce you to each of the fascinating members of the tea family. Begin your tea education with this classic curated collection of white, green, oolong, black, and dark teas - or invite friends to your own private tea tasting and compare tasting notes!

Bai Mudan White - Tea in its purest form, this classic Chinese Bai Mudan yields multiple infusions. The light, straw-colored liquor finishes with a lingering honey-like sweetness on the tongue. (.3 oz.)

Lung Ching Green - This flat-leaf green tea from the Longjing village of Dragon Well is one of the most revered teas of China. The spring-grown leaves produce a clear, yellowish-green liquor with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Prized for four unique qualities: jade color, vegetative aroma, mellow chestnut flavor, and singular shape. Contains the powerful antioxidant EGCG. (.75 oz.)

Jade Oolong - From Taiwan, this loosely rolled oolong yields a tawny infusion that has a complex, delicate floral aroma with a very long finish. This exquisite lightly oxidized tea yields 5-7 infusions. (.5 oz.)

Keemun Black - From the Anhui Province of China, this full-bodied rich, black tea pairs well with both savories and sweets at breakfast. Moving from coffee to tea? You might want to start here. Drink it with or without milk. (.75 oz.)

Puerh Dark Dark Teas are both oxidized and fermented. We offer this easy-to-drink loose golden puerh from China's Yunnan Province, aged five years. This complex tea is rich, earthy, and easy on the nose. Yields multiple infusions. (.5 oz.)

T-sac #1 infuser bags - 20 convenient one-use bags perfect for cups and mugs that allow your tea to expand while the leaves rehydrate, allowing for better water circulation as the full flavor of the tea is released into the liquor.

Continue your tea education with The New Tea Companion by Bruce Richardson and Jane Pettigrew.