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Sencha Organic Ichoka Green Tea

Sencha Organic Ichoka Green Tea

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This premium organic green tea from Shizuoka, Japan, is harvested during the first flush of spring and lightly roasted for maximum aroma. ICHO is a technique in which picked tea leaves are left in a well-ventilated place to wilt and promote the development of fragrance.

With a moderate caffeine level and no astringency, it's perfect for those seeking the unmistakable flavor of exceptional Japanese green tea. Yields three or more infusions.

Farm: Tenryu, Haruno | Master Sakuya

Elmwood Inn Fine Teas staff visited this western Shizuoka hill garden in 2023 during the spring flush.

Ingredients: Organic Japanese Green Tea
Origin: Japan, Shizuoka
Caffeine Level: Med
Brewing Time: 2 - 3 minutes
Water Temperature: 165°F
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