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Silver Needles White - Fujian

Silver Needles White - Fujian

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Plucked in the early spring on a mountain in Fujian Province, this tea is one of the highlights of Chinese tea history. Only the unopened buds are plucked soon after they appear on the bush. These very tight and needle-like buds show just the right bit of natural oxidation. We think the plucking day was probably cloudy.

The liquor in the cup reflects this with its bold color and sweet, delicate flavor. This tea has a long finish with notes of honey. Always make this tea in very small amounts and re-infuse it multiple times for the best experience.

Read more about this tea in Bruce Richardson's NEW TEA COMPANION, Third Edition.  

Contrary to information you might see on the internet, white tea does not have less caffeine than black, green, oolong, or dark teas. Read more at TheTeaMaestro blog...

Ingredients: Premium white tea
Origin: Fujian China
Caffeine Level: Medium - High
Brewing Time: 3-4 minutes
Water Temperature: 180°F
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