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Wenshan White Pu-erh Tea Cake Aged

Wenshan White Pu-erh Tea Cake Aged

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Wenshan White Pu-erh Tea Cake Aged Information

Easy to drink, this unusual cake of white tea leaves makes this Pu-erh a standout for both quality and price.

First, Yunnan artisans hand-select the buds and top leaf of the broad-leafed white tea genus. Next, the crop is piled on a table and selected leaf by leaf for perfect color and form. The tea is then mildly fermented and hand-sorted a second time. After fermentation, the tea is pressed into traditional pu-erh molds, steamed, packaged, and stored. The finished cup is superb, weaving sweetish layers that hint at musk, earth, damp moss, leaves after rain, and subtle orchid leading to a light lingering finish - a stunning tea.

Like fine wines, pu-erh can be aged for many years. As the tea ages, it continues to ferment and its profile reacts to its environment as the leaf takes on new characteristics. Interestingly, white pu-erh, since it has only been produced in large quantities for a handful of years, has not built up a vintage history. As such, there is much speculation as to how time will treat the delicate cakes. The consensus in the trade is that white pu-erh will age gracefully, developing a wonderfully sweet, noble, musty character.