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Blended Bliss Tea Sampler Set

Blended Bliss Tea Sampler Set

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Our Blended Bliss Sampler Set is curated by Tea Maestro Bruce Richardson and contains the following:

Banana Split Caffeine-free Fruit InfusionGet a kiss of tropical flavor with our Banana Split Caffeine-free fruit infusion. Freeze-dried bananas, mango, and coconut combine for a refreshing and unique tea-drinking experience. Perfect for children of all ages! (.75 oz.)

Serene Green - Green tea never tasted so good or so soothing! Low in caffeine. This aromatic blend contains sencha green tea, chamomile, lemongrass, and peppermint. It's a spa in a cup and one of our best sellers! (.75 oz.)

Berry GoodAn aromatic combination of apples, raspberry, strawberry, red fruit, and hibiscus that brews to a naturally sweet red cup. These big fruit flavors are complemented by calming herbs to make it the ideal drink for any time of day. (.75 oz.)

Paris Afternoon Black Tea - Fragrant notes of vanilla and citrus enhance this classic Earl Grey black tea, perhaps reminding you of your last adventures in the City of Light. Compare to Mariage Freres French Blue - except ours is affordable. (.75 oz.)

Pom Apple Caffeine-free Fruit InfusionOur Pom Apple Caffeine-free Fruit Infusion packs a bushel of dried fruit flavors in every sip. Vibrant notes of apple, carrot, hibiscus, sea buckthorn berries, and goji berries will delight your palette and rejuvenate your body. Packed with vitamins. (.75 oz.)

T-sac #1 infuser bags - 20 convenient one-use bags perfect for cups and mugs that let your tea expand when the leaves rehydrate, allowing for better water circulation as the full flavor of the tea is released into the liquor.

Continue your tea education with The New Tea Companion by Bruce Richardson and Jane Pettigrew.

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