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5 Great Teas of India Tasting Kit

5 Great Teas of India Tasting Kit

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Tea Maestro Bruce Richardson has put together five teas that will introduce you to flavors unique to India.

Darjeeling Soom Garden First Flush Black Tea - Plucked in the month of March during the height of the first flush, this classic Darjeeling black tea is alive with muscatel flavor but, as with most first flush Darjeelings, this harvest leans toward the greenish flavor profile - light and gentle. (20g)

Darjeeling Margarets Hope Autumnal Black Tea - This full-bodied fall harvest tea steeps a rich liquor that is a bit more robust than the First and Second Flush offerings. It's rare to find a Darjeeling with this bold character and long, sweet finish at such an affordable price. (20g)

Assam Dinjoye Garden GFOP Black Tea - This single-estate tea from the Assam region of India yields a rich, full-bodied cup at a very low price per cup. The GFOP grade is beloved by English-style tea drinkers around the world. Makes a brilliant breakfast tea. (20g)

Assam Dinjoye Garden Extra Tippy Black Tea - This is an exceptionally well-made Second Flush plucking featuring high tip content. This Extra Tippy tea steeps an amber liquor with a sweet mellow taste and lightly-malted aroma. Like a well-made pinot noir, this tea has a silky mouthfeel and a long finish. (20g)

Nilgiri Tea Studio Small-batch Black Tea - High in the Nilgiri Hills just outside Coonoor, a striking new tea factory lies at the heart of tea country, surrounded by tea bushes that grow right up to the front gate. This is an exceptional and well-made tea that steeps to the color of bourbon.(20g)

T-sac #2 infuser bags - 20 convenient one-use bags perfect for cups and mugs that allow your tea to expand while the leaves rehydrate, allowing for better water circulation as the full flavor of the tea is released into the liquor.

Purchase the video 5 Great Teas of India with Bruce Richardson.

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